Transcendental Meditation

Scientific Research on the TM Program

Why Suffer?

Treat the root cause of imbalance!

Over the past 33 years, over 600 scientific studies conducted at over 200 independent research institutions in 30 countries have demonstrated a broad range of health benefits for people regularly using Maharishi Ayurveda programs.

Improved Mental Functioning

Increased Creativity
Improved Perception and Memory
Broader Comprehension and Improved Ability to Focus
Increased Self-Actualization
Improved Job Satisfaction
Increased EEG Coherence
Increased Brain Response to Novel Stimulus

Reversing the Physiological Imbalance Caused by Chronic Stress

Indicators of a Unique State of Deep Rest
Natural Lowering of Breath Rate
Decreased Plasma Cortisol
Younger Biological Age

Reduced Disease and Lower Health Care Costs

Lower Blood Pressure
Reduced Anxiety
Reduced Angina
Reduced cholesterol
Reduced Insomnia, Depression and Alcohol Use
Reduced Need for Medical care-doctors visits
Reduced Need for Medical Care-hospital visits

Reduced Substance Abuse

Reduced Cigarette Use


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