Sinusitis Testimonial

For many years, beginning in my early twenties, I suffered from chronic sinus infections. Every six months, I would become sick with this condition. My symptoms included: difficulty breathing, high fever," stuffy head", headache, facial pain, and worst of all, extreme fatigue.

Progressively, the duration of these sinus infections lengthened, from about two weeks to six weeks. During these bouts I would miss one or two days of work, hoping to feel better, but I never did. I would visit the doctor, who prescribed antibiotics for my condition, saying that they were the only medicine that would cure my problem.

In 1998, I became so sick that I could hardly breathe. Only, this time, the symptoms didn't respond to two rounds of antibiotics. Physically, I could tell that something was very wrong. My primary care physician referred me to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. Two x-rays and one "Cat" scan later, I was informed that something was blocking my air passages, and that I needed surgery right away.

During surgery, the doctors found and removed a pre-cancerous growth in my nasal passages. The surgeons also suctioned out my sinuses and straightened my septum, which was badly deviated. The surgery helped, but about six months later, I began to suffer sinus infections again.

Quickly, I became unwilling to get back on the "antibiotic merry-go-round" and began to search for a better alternative.

To my great joy, I discovered the Raj in Fairfield, Iowa. In 2001, I had my first "Nasya" treatment there, a treatment that is specifically designed to improve sinus health.

From the moment my treatment began, I knew intuitively that something significant was happening. The treatment was relaxing and enjoyable. I returned home feeling hopeful.

After the first treatment, I went 18 months without a hint of trouble. I was so encouraged that I returned to the Raj for two more treatments on consecutive days. The Nasya treatments were so powerful, that I was infection-free for almost 3 years without antibiotics! Now, I am rarely sick any more, and then only mildly for a couple of days, and I have been antibiotic-free since my first Nasya in 2001.

For me, the Raj is a very special place. The staff, so warm and friendly, is dedicated to ensuring your every comfort. It is a place where you can rest and heal. I encourage anyone who has suffered from chronic sinus infection, and the seemingly endless application of antibiotics that have little or no effect, to come to the Raj for the Nasya treatment.

I have enjoyed other benefits as well. Shortly after chorus, and I have been singing opera ever since. This seems a natural result of being able to breathe freely and maintain good overall health. "Thank you" to everyone at the Raj for giving me back my good health!

Lynn Tackett, Mississippi

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