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Dr. Michael Borger is a physician in Nappanee, Indiana with a large Family practice plus an Industrial Medicine practice including laceration repair, fracture management, and other injuries. Add to this hands-on manipulative therapy for injury rehabilitation and there is no doubt that Dr. Borger is a busy man.

Fortunately, Dr. Borger was always blessed with nearly perfect health. But after twenty years in medical practice a growing weight problem took its toll. "I knew I was heading in the wrong direction but, try as I might, I could not change."

During an 18-year period the five-foot-ten-inch doctor ballooned from 165 pounds to 298 pounds. This was serious obesity, not just a little weight gain. Suddenly, he found out that he was diabetic with sky high blood sugar.

"As a physician, I have treated hundreds of patients with diabetes. I was always objective and able to help patients regain their health — so long as they made the necessary effort."

But it was different when Dr. Borger became the patient. "I found out that, like everyone else, I reacted emotionally — I was scared."

With the onset of diabetes, Dr. Borger took action. "First I saw a specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology. He checked me out and found I was in good health, aside from diabetes and obesity." Then, Dr. Borger received guidance from a Registered Dietitian for meal planning to help him reduce his weight. But even this was not enough.

"I know from experience that diet, medicine, and exercise can only help so much. For me, it was not enough to significantly lower my blood sugar." That was when he booked a three-day evaluation and treatment program at The Raj.

"I found the facility to be the finest that I could imagine. I was especially impressed with the doctors. They are among the finest physicians that I have known. I was impressed with their professional excellence and intense interest in finding ways to help me. In addition, the room accommodations were so ideal that I felt better just checking in."

The Evaluation by an Ayurveda Health Consultant was followed by three days of purification therapy and educational activities. "I learned so much while I was at The Raj. I benefited from the therapy that I received, but the knowledge that I gained will last a lifetime."

How did all this affect Dr. Borger's health? "Seven months later, I have lost sixty pounds. I now weigh 202 pounds and can't remember the last time I looked or felt so good.

"When I was diagnosed diabetic, I was taking Glucophage 500 mg three times a day. Today, I take no medicine and have completely normal laboratory studies, including long and short term measure of blood sugar."

Does this mean that Dr. Borger is no longer diabetic? "No, not at all. I will always have to watch my diet and weight and I will have to exercise. But I will say that the help that I received at The Raj made it possible for me to regain my health. For this I will always be grateful."

Another outcome is that of sharing Maharishi Ayurveda with colleagues and patients. "Since I have been back from The Raj, everyone comments about how healthy I am. They want to know how I achieved such great progress in so short a time. I am sharing this knowledge with anyone who wants to hear it. I am also working toward learning more about Maharishi Ayurveda so I can use it to help my patients."


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