Asthma, Digestive Disorders, Thyroid Dysfunction, Migraine

"I couldn't be a happier client," said Sue Mandel when we called her four months after her visit to The Raj. "I've never felt so well in my life." And her insurance company is happy too. After seeing the results of her week long stay at The Raj, Blue Cross has agreed to reimburse Sue for most of her rejuvenation treatments.

A 54-year-old Fine Art dealer from California, Sue Mandel came to The Raj last fall suffering from chronic asthma, multiple digestive disorders, sinus problems, little to no thyroid functioning, migraines, and back pain from a traumatic injury that left her with two crushed discs.

"I had been sent from one specialist to another with little or no success, and no knowledge of how to help myself. I had MRIs and medicines of all kinds. My immune system was shot. I had been given every diagnosis from Hashimoto Syndrome to Rheumatoid arthritus and had been advised surgery was the only answer for my back. It was then that I began researching alternative wellness programs that could put me back in charge of my own health. After thoughtful deliberation, I decided to come to The Raj.

"I felt so great at the end of my stay at The Raj that I was determined to continue an Ayurveda lifestyle at home. Every morning I give myself an oil massage. I follow my diet recommendations, take my herbs and go to bed early. I cook for myself now the same way I learned in the kitchen at The Raj. I also follow an exercise program that includes Yoga exercises. The stretching really helps with the back pain. And of course I am regular with my practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique.

"At the time I came to The Raj I was taking 12 to 14 pills a day: asthma medication, pain pills, migraine medicine, muscle relaxants, thyroid hormones and sleeping pills. Today I'm down to two medications, for thyroid and migraines, and I'm hoping to be off the thyroid medicine very soon. When I went to my doctor recently we discovered my cholesterol had dropped from around 400 to 200 and my thyroid functioning was normal. My asthma has completely disappeared and I feel energetic and happy. And I've lost 35 pounds without even trying. I told Blue Cross that I was saving them thousands of dollars a day and they agreed!

"Everybody notices the change in me and asks, 'What happened to you?' Of course, I tell everyone about The Raj and about Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Health. It turned my life around and put me back in charge of my wellness. I look forward to returning to The Raj next year and to continuing to feel better and better."


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