Case Study: Diabetes Type II, Hypertension, and Depression

In 1997 a 55-year- old gentleman suffering from hypertension, Type II diabetes (non-insulin dependent) and depression, embarked on a 21 day Ayurveda Treatment Program. When he started the program, he was taking medication for control of all three disorders.
Following is a brief synopsis with respect to each disorder:

a. Hypertension: Prior to starting medication in 1995, his blood pressure had been elevated (170/106). A few months prior to starting the Ayurveda Treatment Program he had attempted to come off the medication on his own, but his blood pressure became elevated within one week (160/90) and the medication had to be resumed. On entering the CDP his blood pressure on medication was normal; however, he was experiencing side-effects from the medication, including depression and fatigue. After beginning the Ayurveda program, he stopped his blood pressure medicine and his blood pressure remained normal. On completing the 21-day program he was placed on a specialized home routine. After five of continuing the prescribed Ayurvedic routine at home, his blood pressure continued to be normal (average 121/79) without medication.

b. Diabetes Type II: On starting the program, his blood sugars were poorly controlled, with daily fasting blood sugars averaging 212 during the month prior to his entry into the program (the ideal value for a diabetic is less than 120). During the 21-day Ayurveda Treatment Program, his diabetes medicine was tapered to about one-half the admission dose. Despite this decrease in medicine, his fasting blood sugars dropped to an average of 118.7 over the final 12 days of treatment, a drop of 93 points from the beginning of stay. His weight decreased from 147 to 144. After five months of following a specialized Ayurvedic routine at home, his hemoglobin A1C (a test of long-range blood sugar control) was 7.4 (excellent control), compared to a previous 8.4. His medication dose remained half the pre-treatment dose.

c. Depression:During the first week of treatment his emotional state improved considerably: he stopped the antidepressant medicine of his own volition mid-way through the program. Five months later, he was still opting not to take antidepressant medication, without any symptoms of depression or anxiety.

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