Enlivening the Healing Ability of the Body through
Maharishi Vedic Sound

Two applications of Maharishi Vedic Sound

Two of the most powerful healing modalities we have at the Raj involve the use of Maharishi Vedic Sound.

1) Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology (MVVT) consultations are offered by our resident experts who administer specific Vedic vibrations that restore order to the physiology by enlivening the inner intelligence of the body on the most fundamental level of sound. MVVT consultations are an option for every one of our in-residence guests or consultation participants.

2) Vedic Sound Therapy involves listening to traditional recitations of selected portions of the classical Veda and Vedic Literature which correspond to different areas of human physiology and aim to promote homeostatic self-repair processes in those areas. This program is exclusive to participants in our in-residence Veda Intensive Program.

New Medicine Based on the New Physics

By reviewing the most recent advances of quantum physics and modern medicine it is possible to understand the simple, unique, and profound effect of these two approaches. The discoveries at the basis of Vedic Sound technology mirror discoveries made in modern medicine, only the Vedic sound discoveries are on a deeper, subtler and more powerful physical level.

Physics tells us the world has many levels to it. Going from gross to subtle physics describes levels from matter, to molecules, to atoms, to quantum fields, and then to the source of all quantum fields, the Unified Field. The Unified Field is the ultimate starting point of nature's functioning.

Physics dealing with areas grosser than quantum fields is called classical physics where the world is described as being particle in nature. In the last 100 years the classical view of physics has given way to the much deeper and more profound understanding of quantum physics, where the world is described as being created from vibratory patterns in subtle, underlying, fields that permeate all of nature.

Modern medicine is a health care system based on classical physics. Modern medicine analyzes organs, tissues, foods, medicines and the effects of behavior all in terms of their molecular content and biochemical influence within the body. The quantum mechanical reality of human physiology plays little to no role in most modern medical considerations.

DNA and the Unified Field: The Classical and Quantum Mechanical Sources of Human Physiology

The discovery that lead to Maharishi Vedic Sound technologies is similar to the recent discoveries unlocking the genetic code of DNA.

The leading edge of modern medicine is examining the structure of one molecule, the DNA, because it is the source of all the information that determines human physiology. Scientists have found the DNA has an alphabet, or language. The DNA expresses itself in an immense row, or sequence, of this alphabet to provide the body with all the information needed to create any physiological activity.

The human genome project is attempting to look at each section of genetic code on the DNA to see what structure and function that segment controls in the body. A hope is that if we can understand which sequence of expressions create the different parts of physiological function, then modern medicine may eventually be able to heal disease by restoring the proper function of the segment of DNA responsible for the proper functioning of the diseased part of the body.

Maharishi Vedic Sound technology precisely mirrors this modern medical approach but expands and fulfills it by operating on the quantum mechanical level of the body and not the more superficial classical level.

Nature Encodes Its Information in Waves

Science learned 80 years ago that nature does not encode the information at the ultimate basis of its functioning in molecules. With quantum mechanics science realized that nature encodes the information at the basis of its functioning in wave forms.

It is the vibratory patterns of subtle quantum fields that both create molecules and control their functioning. Molecules are only the tip of the iceberg. Molecules are a superficial phenomenon actually created by subtle wave forms and vibrations in underlying quantum fields.

Most modern technology is now based on following nature's lead in putting information on waves. Radio, television and most of the technology of our information age are based on encoding information, and transferring it, on waves in quantum mechanical fields like the electromagnetic field.

Vedic Rishis and Vedic Science

Modern science has had to use its most complex and powerful instruments to fathom the quantum mechanical wave nature of life.

Vedic Science developed its understanding of the vibratory patterns in nature's deepest fields by using the most complex and refined instrument in all of nature, the human nervous system.

Vedic Rishis purified and refined their nervous system functioning until they were able to directly experience the Unified and Field and its internal vibratory patterns in their own consciousness.

Rishi means seer. The Vedic Rishis "cognized," or directly experienced, the Unified Field, and the fundamental vibrations within it, that structure all of natural law and the physical world. The Rishis called the Unified Field Veda, and their description of how vibratory patterns of the Veda create all the laws of nature is what entails Vedic Science.

The Vedic Rishis experienced the Unified Field, or Veda, as pure intelligence. This field of intelligence becomes operational through its wave forms. In the human, these vibratory forms constitute the operating intelligence of the body responsible for its orderly function and healing.

Modern science supports the view that vibratory wave forms in all pervading quantum mechanical fields both create matter and the laws which govern it. Wave forms interact in precisely specific ways due to constructive and destructive interference. Their concentration in a specific area of a quantum field create the appearance of particles. The laws which govern these particles are created by the possibilities and constraints created by the deeper wave nature of the particle.

Both Vedic Science and modern science have come to the same conclusion: Nature creates through generating wave patterns from the level of the Unified Field.

We are now learning how these wave patterns create human physiology. Just as modern science is breaking the code of how information on different segments of the DNA molecule create different parts of the physiology, likewise, modern day Vedic scientists have unlocked the code of which vibratory segments of the Unified Field, or Veda, create corresponding structures and functions in human physiology.

Discovery of Veda in Human Physiology

This discovery is the result of the work of a brilliant, MIT educated, scientist Tony Nader MD, PhD, who has been working under the guidance of a true, modern day, Vedic Rishi, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Professor Nader has now fully elaborated the details of which Vedic vibration segments create the structure and function of the different parts of the body.

The result is a clear description of a perfect match up of structure and function between the human physiology and the different Vedic vibratory patterns encoded in the 40 branches of Vedic Science. Professor Nader's discovery shows us that the human physiology is a complete and full expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature.

Vedic Perspective of Health and Disease

From this Vedic perspective health is created in a specific part of the body when the underlying flow of Vedic vibrations, responsible for the existence of this part of the body, is in proper sequence and balance. Disease results from a disturbance, mistake or gap, in the proper sequence of expression of Vedic vibrations.

This Vedic description of health and disease points out the main difference between Maharishi Ayurveda and modern medicine. Modern medicine sees disease as a disruption of the molecular level of nature whereas Maharishi Ayurveda sees disruption in the deep quantum mechanical wave forms as the true source of a physical disorder.

It is this Vedic understanding of health and disease that is at the basis of Maharishi Vedic Sound technologies.

The practical application of this knowledge is to use the specific Vedic vibrations responsible for proper activity in some part of physical body to aid the healing of any disorder located there. Whereas modern medicine matches up a molecule (drug) to a disorder, in Maharishi Ayurveda we match up the appropriate Vedic vibration, or sound, to the part of the body that needs healing.

At the Raj there are two distinct methods of applying Maharishi Vedic Sound to the healing process.

1. Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology (MVVT)

The MVVT program starts by the participant filling out an application where they list their diagnosis. This is very important as the Vedic vibration that will be used must be matched up to the disordered part of the body. Once the particular vibration to be used is picked by staff under Dr, Nader's direction, the information is communicated to special "experts" who provide the consultation.

During your consultation these experts generate the proper Maharishi Vedic Vibration so the specific part of your body that has the disorder is bathed in a vibration to help the healing process in that area. Research has shown this simple, but profound procedure, has been able to bring some level of relief to over 50% of the participants who have been suffering from long standing chronic conditions.

The Maharishi Vedic Vibration Program is an option available to all our in-residence guests and consultation participants.

2. Maharishi Vedic Sound Recitation

This procedure is exclusive to participants in our in-residence Veda Intensive Program.

Each day of this program the participant is able to spend close to two hours listening to the authentic recitation of the segments of Vedic vibrations that create proper functioning in the part of the body with an imbalance. The resulting deep and profound enlivenment of the body's inner intelligence is a fundamental cornerstone of our Veda Intensive Program.

Conclusion: Ancient Knowledge Leading Modern Health Science

Maharishi Vedic Sound is both an ancient healing technology and at the cutting edge of today's medical science. It leads our health care system into the deepest area of nature's functioning and offers a profound new technology to support all previous modern science and Vedic Science healing techniques.


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