In-residence Treatment Program

The Raj In-residence Treatment Program includes personal consultations, 2-3 hours a day of specialized cleansing and rejuvenation treatments, a specialized diet, single accommodations, and classes in Yoga and Ayurveda. In-residence programs are offered for a minimum of 3 days, and up to 21 days.

Panchakarma Treatments
(The traditional detoxification programs of Ayurveda)

At the heart of The Raj in-residence programs are the traditional Ayurveda detoxification therapies, known as "Panchakarma". Guests enjoy 2-3 hours of treatment daily, administered by highly trained Ayurvedic technicians. Gentle and luxurious, these treatments are deeply cleansing, removing toxins and impurities from the tissues and opening the channels of circulation and elimination. Both purifying to the body and relaxing to the nervous system, our Ayurvedic treatment program helps to remove imbalances that are at the basis of many chronic conditions and reactivate the body's own remarkable healing mechanisms. Scientific research verifies that The Raj Treatment Programs remove significant levels of harmful environmental toxins. Case studies report considerable lessening of symptoms of long standing chronic conditions.

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Daily therapies are normally composed of three separate treatments administered in sequence over a two to three hour period:

Treatment 1: Ayurveda herbalized oil application and massage (Abhyanga)

This 55-minute massage uses special herbalized oils chosen specifically for you by your Ayurveda Health Consultant. This treatment, administered by two technicians working in synchrony, begins the cleansing process. The heat and friction caused by the motion of the massage improves circulation and starts to loosen the impurities from where they have been lodged in tissues. The quality of the herbalized oil is also very important, since the entire surface area of the body is absorbing the herbalized oil. These special oils help to nourish and cleanse the tissues and soften the channels of elimination.

Treatment 2: Ayurveda heat treatments

Heat is a gentle but effective way to dissolve impurities, open circulation, and relax the entire physiology. After the massage most people receive one of the following heat treatments:

a) Shirodhara: the pouring of warm herbalized oil back and forth across the forehead while you are comfortably lying down with your eyes closed. This treatment is profoundly relaxing to the mind and nervous system. It is especially helpful in relieving the effects of excess mental stress, which can often aggravate chronic conditions.

b) Pizzichili: Two technicians pour a stream warm herbalized oil over the entire body as they perform the massage. The extensive number of herbs cured into the oil help draw out impurities, while balancing and nourishing the physiology.

c) Swedena: This herbalized steam bath creates a purifying effect by heating the entire physiology, increasing sweating, and opening channels of elimination.

d) Pindaswedana: During this treatment the entire body is massaged using a special boluses of milk, oils, herbs, and rice. This procedure is particularly powerful for reducing excess metabolic activity and eliminating its toxic byproducts. It is also effective in relieving pain in joints and muscles.

Treatment 3: Ayurveda Herbalized Enema Treatment (Optional)

Administration of a mild herbal enema after the massage and heat treatments completes the cleansing process. Ayurveda theory describes how the massage and heat treatments drive many of the impurities into the lower bowel area and, therefore, recommends a gentle oil enema as the last step in the purification process. Your Ayurveda Health Consultant will prescribe herbalized enemas appropriate for your condition. After enema administration you will rest awhile, shower, and then continue to rest in your room or join our educational programs as you choose.

The Raj In-Residence Educational Programs

During the hours that guests are not having treatment, they can enjoy deeper rest, meditation, yoga classes and health education classes. The daytime education is provided through live lectures and an extensive tape library that can be viewed in the comfort of your room.

In the evening all guests are invited to attend an educational series of lectures with special guest speakers. Our educational programs include the following topics that help you take home valuable information for helping the body heal itself and maintaining the highest level of overall health:

1. Ayurveda diet and digestion

Topics covered include:

  1. A system to determine a balanced diet.
  2. Proper use of spices to improve digestion, and balance, nourish and cleanse the physiology.
  3. Matching diet to digestive strengths at different times of the day. Proper foods and quantities for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  4. How to avoid the eating mistakes that create poor digestion, leading to toxins and blockages in the physiology.

2. Daily Yoga classes

These daily classes provide expert instruction in Yoga asana postures. Regular practice of Yoga asanas can help stimulate the circulation and elimination of toxins.

3. Introduction to Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM Healing Disciplines

Topics include:

  1. Vedic architecture: Maharishi Sthapatya Veda® design
    Provides information on proper orientation of building and rooms so that homes and offices can have the most healthy influence on their residents.
  2. Maharishi Vedic Astrologysm and Maharishi Yagyasm programs:
    Describes how Vedic astrology can help predict the areas of physical balance and imbalance and times of good and poor health. Maharishi Yagya programs provide practical recommendations to help neutralize negative influences predicted by Vedic astrology.
  3. Veda in Human Physiology:
    Describes the discovery of how the vibrations of pure intelligence in the Unified Field of natural law, Vedic vibrations, create and maintain different aspects of physiological functioning.
  4. Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology:
    Describes the application of Vedic vibrations, based on the discovery of Veda in Human Physiology, for the healing of long standing chronic disorders.


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