Case Study: Multiple Sclerosis

A 35-year-old male presented with the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. He was admitted to a hospital in Florida three weeks prior to visiting The Raj with complaints of weakness and spasticity in the right leg, difficulties with balance, and fatigue and malaise. Tests performed at the Florida hospital revealed abnormalities in spinal fluid and MRI brain scan, which were consistent with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

The patient complained of being severely depressed and anxious. One month prior to this he noticed aching and loss of vision in the left eye. Upon being discharged from the Florida hospital, his physician advised him that nutritional supplements and dietary approaches would not alter the course of the disease. He was discharged with a prescription for Xanax (a tranquilizer).

The patient arrived at our Ayurveda facility in a wheelchair. Initial examination revealed abnormalities of the left eye and optic nerve, abnormal reflexes in both legs, with weakness and lack of coordination in both legs and severe difficulty walking. The patient underwent a Maharishi Ayurveda program which included Ayurveda purification treatments, dietary changes, learning the Transcendental Meditation® technique, yoga, and specific herbal preparations. By the end of his stay, he could walk 800 yards unassisted.

Nearly twelve years after his in-residence program, he continues to follow our natural approach to MS, including diet, the Transcendental Meditation program and herbal preparations, and has not experienced any symptoms of relapse. He walks two miles daily, lifts weights and describes himself as having a positive attitude without depression or anxiety. His energy level is good and he is working full-time as a massage technician.


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