Case Study: Chronic Recurrent Headache

A 51-year-old housewife had a ten-year history of mixed tension and migraine headache. The headaches had been mild for several years, but two years prior to enrolling in the chronic disorders program, she experienced exacerbation of her condition. The headaches were occurring daily, often for a large part of the day and were relieved only by increasing doses of medications including salicylates, barbiturates, caffeine. She was warned that the headache pattern may have been worsened by her increasing dependence on the medications. This pattern had lasted for the preceding seven months.

She underwent a three-week chronic disease program beginning in October 1997. At the end of the treatment the frequency of headaches was reduced significantly to 1-2 times per week, with the duration of headaches limited to 10-15 minutes. In addition the overwhelming majority of these headaches (about 90%) were able to be relieved without recourse to medication. These improvements continued at least five months later.

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