Testimonial: Fibromyalgia

Linda Bradley, an antique dealer from Keokuk, Iowa, came to The Raj for relief from "severe fatigue, mental exhaustion and pain all over." She had been diagnosed as having fibromyalgia. Doctors didn't know what brought it on.

"I went to the Mayo clinic and spent $8,500 for them to tell me I had fibromyalgia and I had to learn to live with the pain."

By March of 1998 Linda was getting worse. Her massage therapist researched alternative medicine. He decided to check out The Raj and was impressed by the depth of knowledge and professionalism he found. "He talked me into trying it."

Linda's friends tried to discourage her from coming. "Two friends thought I was going to be brainwashed, that I would come home and not believe in God. But I felt just the opposite. I thought that God gave me the opportunity to go." She scheduled a seven-day package.

Linda arrived at The Raj on May 24, 1998. "I had been to spas in North Carolina and Texas, but this was totally different than what I had expected. When I arrived, Guest Services helped me in with my luggage, gave me a tour, and then I went to my room and relaxed until dinner.

"At dinner I met the other guests for the first time; some were just starting, and some had been there for several days. I heard all sorts of positive things. The next day before treatment I had an introductory lecture on the Transcendental Meditation program and decided to learn to meditate. It turned out to be much easier than I thought."

"The first treatment was really wonderful — I can't even put it into words. By the third day I felt so much better physically that I was able for the first time to walk down the stairs, then up the stairs; then I was able to cut my pain medication in half. Then I was able to take a walk down the road, a huge step for me. The rest of my visit just kept getting better. My mind began getting clearer."

"When I got in my car to leave, I was actually singing to the radio. It had been years since I felt good enough to sing. When I got home my husband saw the change immediately. He said, 'I have my wife back.'"

"Seeing was believing to him because he had seen how I had been for years. Now I was getting up at 5 a.m., ready to walk. He couldn't understand how this change all happened in one week.

"On a scale of one to ten, my energy has gone from a two to an eight. With the increase in energy I was able to start a walking program. I began to lose weight and have lost 67 pounds to date. I've never felt better."

"My doctor said, 'I wish I could say that it was something I did.' She has so many people who take pills and medication which don't help them, and she knows there is another way. She's been very supportive of me taking the herbs which The Raj recommended."

"The friends who were very skeptical about me going to The Raj see the weight loss; they see me more active, doing things I haven't done in a long time. They see me back to my old self again. When I came home from The Raj the second time, one of the most skeptical friends called me on the phone. He said, 'I cannot believe that you are the same person. If it worked for you, could it work for me?' He's now interested in coming to The Raj. When the other friend saw The Raj featured in Country Living's Healthy Living, she called me for information."

Linda and her husband are expanding their business, Spider Web Antiques. "I'm traveling a lot more in business because I feel better. Transcendental Meditation seems to help with fatigue. My husband is happier. I've seen a positive change in him because when I feel better he in turn feels better.

"The Raj saved my life. It really did. The total amount I spent at The Raj came to the very same amount I spent at Mayo. The difference is, The Raj gave me results and completely turned my health around — it was worth every penny. I know now there is hope. I'm just glad I found it."

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