Case Study: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Mary Beth Shea is a senior vice-president for a clearing firm for professional traders in Chicago. Seven years ago she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. "I had a flu and cold that kept coming back. I was dragging to work — that's all I could do. Weekends, I would spend resting so I could go back to work on Monday. By Wednesday I was thoroughly exhausted again. My life became very limited."

When her doctor told her there was nothing that she could do to alleviate the symptoms, Mary Beth decided to take her own steps. She began reading books from her local health food store and stopped drinking alcohol and coffee, avoided sugar and took vitamins. Her condition continued.

Her first signs of improvement came when she began to investigate alternative health modalities. Acupuncture and herbs provided some relief from the constant flu and colds. After seeing a clinical nutritionist and participating in a six-month detoxification program, her energy levels improved. She learned biofeedback and meditation, which provided great relief. Yet, several years later she still suffered periods of fatigue and was almost bedridden by PMS. She lived a restricted life-style, centered primarily around staying rested.

In 1996, a bacteria picked up in a spa in Jamaica reversed some of the progress that had been made. "I couldn't get better," recalls Mary Beth. "My digestion was out of whack, and I was extremely fatigued. At that time I read a book on Ayurveda and had a strong feeling that I should do this."

Mary Beth called The Raj and immediately booked a six-day rejuvenation package. "As soon as I walked in the door, I had a feeling of relaxation and comfort." Her first surprise came from her consultation with the doctor. "I thought I was doing great things for myself by eating a healthy diet. And it was healthy — but not for me. It was very much the wrong diet for me. That's what I like the best about Ayurveda. The recommendations are so specific for your needs."

After six days of treatments and knowledge classes, Mary Beth returned to Chicago transformed. "The results were instantaneous. I had a significant increase in energy. I have not been sick since that first visit to The Raj over a year ago. Of course, I continue the routine at home that I was taught, of which meditation is an important part. I also was given herbs for digestion and to boost my immune system. I can tell when I go off my diet and routine; my digestion changes, and I start feeling fatigued. But I know how to get back on track. In other words, now I can control my health."

Mary Beth says that she now watches other people in her office get sick and chides them for not taking care of their health. She can enjoy going out at night and, even after three client Christmas parties in one night, woke up the next morning feeling good. "Prior to The Raj I went to spas two to three times a year. I went to great spas and was treated well. And I'd feel great when I came back — for about a week. But then my symptoms would return. My visit to The Raj was a completely different experience. It permanently changed the way I felt. I plan to return every year."

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