Royal Beauty Treatments

Mud Treatment

Under the guidance of Ayurveda skin care experts, The Raj offers treatments which can be traced back to the palaces of ancient India. This program creates balance from deep within the tissues, gently removing impurities while nourishing the skin with herbs, milk, and flower essences. Special muds imported from the remote hillsides of India help remove toxins without damaging delicate skin tissues.

Beauty is more than skin deep. Many problems with skin and hair today are due to stress, environmental toxins, and accelerated aging caused by accumulated imbalances. The modern medical approach focuses on temporarily relieving symptoms, but not correcting underlying imbalances. The Royal Beauty Treatment Program at The Raj transforms the internal functioning of the physiology to create radiant health, thereby addressing both inner and outer beauty.

The Raj Royal Beauty Treatment program very gently reestablishes balance between all three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) to create a lustrous complexion. When impurities in the skin are eliminated too quickly, the structure of the skin can be weakened. The Royal Beauty treatments simultaneously replace the impurities with nutritious molecules of floral water, milk and herbs.

Three specially trained technicians work with each guest, applying only the freshest and purest ingredients to give a truly royal and uniquely effective skin program. Pre-treatment procedures are not required with this program.

Beauty Steam Treatments

A gentle application of warm herbalized sesame oil is first applied to the skin. This not only helps eliminate toxins from the skin's surface, but also protects the pores from becoming over-dilated during the steam treatment. Next comes a gentle steam bath. Specific herbs are added to the steam to promote cohesion between the cells. The steam carries the molecules of herbs to a deep level of the skin, restricting dilation and pacifying the three doshas.

Milk and Floral Waters

Bathing the face and body with special milk products and floral waters allows the tiny nutritious molecules of milk to lubricate the skin and to be easily absorbed without clogging the pores. These treatments not only balance all three doshas; they also pacify the aspect of Pitta that is associated with emotions thus, promoting calmness, confidence and stability.

Mud Treatments

Specific types of mud, which naturally collects on large rock formations in remote regions of India during the rainy season and then gets purified naturally by the sun, is used for these skin rejuvenation treatments at The Raj. Mud treatments alone inherently have a more cleansing and less nutritive effect, but the herbs and flowers used in the pH balanced mud have a high biological effect towards nourishing the skin.

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