Case Study: Bronchial Asthma

A 61-year-old female physician, medical director of a large hospital in the Midwest, presented in March 1989 with a long history of steroid-dependent asthma. She was unable to reduce the dose of steroids because this would cause her asthma to worsen. As a side effect of steroids, she had severe dysplasia (erosion) of one hip which necessitated use of a wheelchair and eventually required surgical repair.

The patient underwent an in-residence treatment program consisting of a less intensive version of chronic disorders treatments currently used. Her symptoms began to improve immediately. After the in-residence portion of her treatment, she was prescribed a home follow-up program. She was initially maintained on her usual asthma medications; however, over the next two months, under medical supervision, she was able to decrease and eventually discontinue her steroids and other asthma medications without any worsening of her symptoms.

She was followed regularly over the ensuing nine years. During this time she had only one brief episode of asthma symptoms, in 1992. She was on no medications and was otherwise free of all asthma symptoms since 1989.

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