Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Disorder Case Study, The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa

A 17-year-old student had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis since the age of nine, with pain and stiffness in the shoulders, elbows, knees, wrists, hands and ankles. She came to the chronic disorders program at The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa, twice, each time for a three-week stay.

The severity of the arthritis fluctuated and migrated from joint to joint and the fluctuations were often correlated with stress. The joints appeared swollen, warm, red and tender. She was dependent on steroids, and tapering this medication caused a rebound of pain. During the six months before her first visit to The Raj, she had difficulty with the simple daily activities of being a student, and had to stop all physical activities. She required several hours every morning after awakening, usually spent in hot baths, until the stiffness resolved enough to start her day.

She began an in-residence chronic disorders program in July 1997, during which the response was dramatic. Within several days, the pain and stiffness had begun to decrease and by the time she left The Raj, she was pain-free as well as on a reduced dose of steroids.

When she returned to her intense academic boarding school environment several weeks later she felt well, but with the stresses of her school work, including irregular hours, late nights and institutional meals, her arthritis subsequently flared. She was started on anti-inflammatory medicines, anti-depressants, muscle relaxants and sleeping pills.

Feeling drugged on so many medications, she requested to return to The Raj. The treatment was repeated in November 1997 with similarly impressive results and, within one week, she was off all her medications except the steroids. She continues to follow an out-patient follow-up program, and is back in school free of pain and stiffness.

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