Raj Prevention Program for Alzheimer's (In-residence program)

The Raj’s Anti-Aging Program balances the body’s inner intelligence. Highly trained Maharishi Ayurveda technicians administer the treatments.

The Anti-Aging Program includes an evaluation by an Ayurveda Health Consultant using the ancient diagnostic technique of pulse diagnosis, two and a half hours of Maharishi Rejuvenation Treatments per day, health education courses, deluxe accommodations, and specialized vegetarian meals. Yoga classes, guest lecturers, and cooking classes (when available) are also offered as a free bonus to all package guests.

The overall design of the Anti-Aging program is to enliven the body’s inner intelligence and thereby restore balance to the fundamental modes of physiological and psychological functioning. These fundamental modes or forms of intelligence in Maharishi Ayurveda are termed Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

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