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Inside the elegant French-style chateau that's home to The Raj, hour-long yoga classes are held daily in a large, airy studio. Each session involves a core set of 12 to 15 asanas selected for their ability to balance the body. Repeated daily, the asanas are performed at a basic level to ensure that all members of the class (generally five to ten people) can do them with ease.

But The Raj also takes instruction a step further. At the beginning of their stays, all guests meet with both a Western physician trained in Ayurveda and a traditional Indian practitioner, who prescribe a supplementary set of poses tailored to each person's needs.

Many guests come to The Raj for its holistic approach to stress reduction, disease prevention, disease treatment, and rejuvenation. The tenets of Ayurveda medicine reject a one-size-fits-all approach to good health. Rather, they suggest that the best way to address the imbalances and impurities that cause illness is first to determine a person's individual mind-body type, as doctors do here. Then, in addition to prescribing yoga poses, they recommend specific body treatments, herbal medicines, and dietary practices. Everything from the herbal oils used in guests' abhyanga treatments (a massage given by two therapists) to the vegetarian selections they're served in the dining room is customized.

The serenity and meditative atmosphere at The Raj are also a strong part of its allure. Pranayama sessions are offered one or two times a day, and guests interested in furthering their meditative education can sign up for the Transcendental Meditation program. Most visitors also take advantage of The Raj's expansive 100-acre grounds. Twisting through pastures, meadows, and forests, miles of trails are ideal for meditative walks.


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