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Rejuvenate Yourself With Ancient Ayurveda


The program of rejuvenation, purification, and disease prevention is grounded in Ayurveda and supplemented by Western medical science. The goal of Ayurveda, a 5.000-year-old Indian medical tradition, is to help you find a natural way of living by following the rhythms of the body, the days, and the seasons. At the Raj, an elegant modern château, set on 100 acres of meadows and forest, the atmosphere is luxurious and serene. A staff of 70 cares for a maximum of 18 guests.

Typical stay:

Every program – three, five, or seven days – begins with a visit to a doctor, trained in Western and Ayurveda traditions, who performs a pulse diagnosis and recommends a diet, herbal enemas, and massages. Daily purification treatments, called panchakarma, last about three hours. Yoga, cooking lessons, lectures, optional sessions of transcendental meditation, and strolls on the outdoor trails fill out the days. Vegetarian meals are served family-style.

Advance preparation:

The staff conducts extensive telephone interviews with guests before their arrival and recommends a preparatory light diet and dietary habits.

Expected results:

Improved physical well-being, reduced stress, better sleep, and new health and dietary habits.


You’ll leave with recommendations for diet, herbs, exercise, and possibly yoga postures. Expect a follow-up phone call within two weeks.

Most suitable for:

Anyone who feels out of balance from stress or illness.

Success story:

Judy Gopal, 49, a city administrator from Anchorage, Alaska, had diabetes that was out of control a from job stress and poor diet. After she spent a week at the Raj, .”my endocrinologist was very happy,” she said. “I’ve drastically changed my way of life, and it wasn’t difficult at all.”


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