The Healthy Planet, December 1998

The Healthy Planet, December, 1998

Give the Gift of Health: A Rejuvenation Treatment at The Raj

by Sandra Willbanks

The greatest gift you can give to someone or to yourself is the gift of health. And as we age, health becomes even more of a concern. At The Raj, Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center located in Fairfield, Iowa, restoring health and creating balance in the physiology is the primary goal.

The aging process is the inevitable result of wear and tear on our mind/body system. But in many cases what we consider "normal" aging is actually years of accumulated toxins and impurities finally - and visibly - taking their toll on our bodies.

Stiffness, chronic disorders, memory loss, insomnia, decrease in skin tone... too often the myriad of problems that confront more and more of us are simply manifestations of deep underlying imbalances that may have been deposited in our physiology in childhood.

Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, chemicals from foods and our environment, emotional and mental stresses - any of these influences may still be buried deep in our tissues. In fact, the earlier our exposure to these, the more likely it is that their effects are present at deeper, more fundamental levels of our tissues.

Currently The Raj , which is the only Ayurveda facility outside of India specifically built to offer the traditional rejuvenation treatments of Maharishi Ayurveda, offers a range of treatments from 3 to 21 days or longer.

A three day purification treatment can be very powerful in refreshing and energizing the physiology, ridding the body of day-to-day stress and fatigue. The Raj offers these luxurious yet powerful purification treatments to help remove the damaging effects of stress, fatigue and environmental toxins, thereby stimulating the body's natural rejuvenating abilities. A customized treatment program is designed for each guest by an expert specially trained in the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health.

While all of the programs at The Raj are designed to provide some level of purification of the dhatus or tissues of the body, the longer the program, the deeper level of purification it can provide. Longer treatments dissolve impurities and deep-seated stresses while nourishing deeper tissue levels and transforming the vital organs, the brain, nervous system and eventually the reproductive tissues. As impurities are loosened in each tissue level, more intelligence can flow into those areas. This level of restoration, at the very basis of each organ and tissue, can reset the essential functioning of the body.

This growing trend toward longer treatments reflects the growing need of a maturing population to address deep-seated imbalances that are beginning to show themselves as "signs of aging," or worse, as chronic disorders.

"These programs offer a giant step forward in our technology to maintain and create a deep level of health," observes Dr. Chris Clark, Medical Director at The Raj.

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