Healing Lifestyles, 2005 — Q & A

Healing Lifestyles

Rogers Badgett
Director & Founder of The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa

By Melissa B. Williams

Melissa: What led you to open The Raj?

Rogers: In 1993, I had the realization that I have a lot of good years left and that I should do something good for society, something beneficial. At the time, I had been practicing Transcendental Meditation.TM The stress level in business can be quite intense, and I found that meditation helped tremendously. I had also recently been through Ayurveda treatments, otherwise known as panchakarma, and I found that these treatments were also very helpful with keeping the physiology strong and reducing stress; people commented that I looked younger after taking these treatments, so I decided that I would make this available to the public in a very royal, luxurious manner.

Melissa: What is Maharishi Ayurveda?

Rogers: This is a very pure form of Ayurveda - reconstituted in accord with the ancient Sanskrit textbooks. The treatments are actually selected by the doctors for the particular physical imbalances that the individual may have. We also offer Transcendental Meditation.TM; vedic vibration, which is an ancient technique; yoga; and pranayama. Sthapatya-veda is the science of positioning. We have healthy building syndrome, the buildings here in Vedic City are built in accord with Sthapatya-veda principles: so the rooms are the right proportions and colors to promote the daily activities of a human being. All of these things used in conjunction with each other produce a dramatic change in [one's] physiology over a short period of time. That is not to say that we can totally eliminate a person's stress, digestive, or physical imbalances with one visit - but we can make tremendous progress - many times making progress that Western medicine cannot [achieve].

Melissa: Do you have any great success stories to share with our readers?

Rogers: We had a lady come through with MS. Her doctor had told her to just go home and live with it; told her you'll never walk again regularly. Her doctor himself had MS; he sort of chuckled when he heard she was going to this unusual Ayurveda spa, but promised to go if she had any success. She came and after a few days [she approached me] during dinner. She walked to my table without her walker and did a pirouette in front of my table. She then went home and went to the doctor, walked in, and said well, look at me, you better call. We never heard from him. He didn't have an open mind; he couldn't make the leap to alternative treatements, even though he saw results. This is the state of our Western medicine today, this closed-mindedness. It's hurting the people of America, this kind of thinking. That is why America is not the leading health provider in the world, even though we spend more money than anyone.

Melissa: Do you find that many of your guests visit for detox?

Rogers: Quite a few people come for reduction of toxicity. In the ancient Ayurveda textbooks, it was noted that there are times in the world when the air is polluted, the water is polluted, and the Earth is polluted; during these times, which we are in right now, panchakarma is not an option, it's a necessity.

Melissa: What can one expect from a Raj visit?

Rogers: When you are in treatment the cuisine is prescribed by the doctor - a very light diet to help the treatments be more effective. We teach [guests] how to reorganize their life, to eat a diet that will continue to help them make quick progress and obtain an ideal state of health. When you don't get a cold or sore throat every year, you are living in an optimal state of health. That is our goal here. If you're not in an optimal state of health, you can't enjoy life to the fullest. This optimal state of health slows or reverses the aging process; it's really beauty from the inside. And this is why we recommend people to have regular treatments because environmental toxins are always pressing on us, stress is always pressing on us, this is really what causes aging. You reverse this, you get a reversal of aging.

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