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Hurrah! Spas

by Robert Graff

Set between the Missouri and mighty Mississippi River, Iowa, our twenty-ninth state, brings to mind endless plains, prairies filled with corn and waving grains, Sioux Indian, Buffalo Bill, and a simple agricultural society as portrayed in Grant Wood's famous "American Gothic."

Who would think that amid the rolling farmland 01 this mid western state, The Raj, the nation's premier Ayurveda health center would find a home? But the serenity of this 100-acre enclave of hill and meadows provides the perfect place to experience Ayurveda India's ancient system of medicine.

No more than eighteen guests participate in the 6000-year old natural health regimen at one time. And with a staff-to-guest ratio of three to one, there is no end to the personal attention.

Ayurveda is a comprehensive system of preventive health care whose practitioners believe that disease is primarily the result of imbalances. Ayurveda diagnoses the imbalances, eliminate them from the body, and teaches each person how to live a health,y balanced life. Not only do clients and practitioners at The Raj strongly believe in stress reduction, diet, exercise, and behavioral routines for an integrated mind-body approach to health, but the National Institute of Health recently allotted $8 million to establish a research center specializing in natural preventive medicine. Millions more in grant money have also been awarded.According to Ayurveda, three biological principles (doshas) regulate the body's system. These doshas, called Vatd, Pitta, and Kapha, regulate movement, metabolism, and structure. Since all three doshas work together, the purpose of The Raj rejuvenation programs is to get the body back in balance and thus ward off disease and signs of aging.

After a lengthy consultation, guests participate in individual programs for obesity, hypertension, arthritis, fatigue, infertility, and more. They take specialized treatments using herbal oil massages, circulation therapy, and steam applications, as well as aroma and sound therapies. There are also programs of light exercise and, of course, yoga. Ample vegetarian meals based on traditional Indian cuisine are served.

If you believe in the principles of Ayurveda, plan a trip to The Raj in the near future. If you don't plan your visit immediately! It will change your life.

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